Barrow Couple // Fall Session

Mandi and Jalan Barrow got married on January 15, 2016 in the Ogden Temple in Utah. They have the most cutest, coolest, most awesome way of meeting and let me tell you, it was nothing more than 100% destiny! When Jalan was on his mission, he had a companion that Mandi actually went to high school with and he told them to start writing each other. After being pen pals the last half of his mission he came home and they were instantly in love. They both knew it was meant to be so they go engaged that fall and married that next January. (I love love!!)

These two were so much fun to hang out with at this fall session. They toughed it out in the chilly, fall weather and the colors ended up being so worth it. Just by being with this cute couple for an hour, I could tell they are truly happy. “All you need is love”, right? I had a last minute cancelation on the date of their session so I snuck them in and boy am I glad I did! Fall colors and cute couples ROCK!

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